The Case for Container Based Sanitation with Thermal Treatment

Container based sanitation (CBS) solutions in which waste is collected in sealed, transportable containers and collected for treatment have been shown to significantly reduce the proportion of fecal material released into the environment. They offer solutions well-suited to address many sanitation challenges, but their success depends on the availability of sufficient treatment capacity.

A Compelling Combination

• Safe capture and handling of human excreta
• Prevents diseases and environmental pollution
• Low operating costs and affordable model
• Local employment
• Provides toilets, cleaning services, collection

• Treats human excreta, food waste, agriculture waste
• Creates valuable biochar
• Sustainable
• Complete pathogen-kill
• Volume reduction of waste

Biomass Controls believes that a combination of CBS working in tandem with thermal treatment is the
future model of holistic solutions for waterless cost-effective, resource-orientated, community-scale sanitation.

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