Press Release: SBIR Phase 1 Grant

Biomass Controls PBC has recently been awarded a SBIR Phase 1 grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)
USDA entitled “A Pyrolysis-Combustion Treatment for Hog Manure Lagoons to Improve Rural Flood Resistance.”

The proposed phase 1 program is to develop and validate the use of our farmscale biogenic refinery pyrolysis-combustion process to convert lagoon hog manure to value-added biochar. The biogenic refinery can improve disaster vulnerability in farm operations by providing an alternative manure disposal route and a way to safely empty and convert existing hog manure lagoons to disaster impervious biochar. Biomass Controls PBC proposes to extend and develop a commercial application of their existing biogenic refinery suiting hog farm needs by: characterizing hog lagoon feedstock to determine any treatment necessary prior input to the biogenic refinery; optimizing the existing biogenic refinery processing to produce biochar from hog sludge; and characterizing the biochar. The proposed research would provide technical and economic results in applying the biogenic refinery to meeting the treatment needs of lagoon hog manure thereby reducing the vulnerabilities of rural communities to hazards.