Globally, an estimated 2.8 billion people rely on septic tanks, latrines or other improved non-sewered sanitation technologies. There is a lack of solutions to adequately manage fecal sludge that collects in these technologies. This results in negative implications for public and environmental health, and economic development. There is a need for decentralized fecal sludge treatment that can be quickly deployed and affordably operated.

Transforming Fecal Waste

The Biogenic Refinery is a thermal treatment solution using patented technology that provides treatment products such as pathogen free biochar, heat and electricity.
Thousands of hours of operational data have been collected from biogenic refineries operating on three continents, in temperatures as low as -20˚C. The Biogenic Refinery is transportable, designed
to operate off-grid and can handle input products with moisture contents as high as 35%.

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